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Small Street in Japan

TB&Co is a dynamic team of hospitality professionals managing full-service boutique luxury hotels. We deliver our guests a unique experience through our expertise in all facets of hotel management services, resort operations, acquisitions, repositioning, development and marketing. This enables owners to maximize their return on investment or lenders the ability to return an asset to profitability and prepare it for sale.

TB&Co specialises in boutique hotels in Japan with a focus on ski resorts. Our first-class team ensures a niche position in a competitive market, maximize efficiencies, improve guest satisfaction and ultimately increasing profitability.

As an independent hotelier, TB&CO has been able to successfully compete against large scale chains because of the skills and expertise we have gathered throughout our years in the hospitality industry which means we are able to adapt quickly to situations.

We are ready to navigate your hotel to profitability.  Are you?  

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